Weekly Update: Constructive Deconstruction

Hey Sandswept Fans and other people who read this! We were going to be all long-winded here, but we’re out of breath from all the stuff happening with DETOUR and another small (by small, we mean huge) project we have in store. So, again, to all our fans and that one guy. You know the one. Hey, you. The creepy dude in the back. Yeah, you. Check this out. This stuff is hot. We’ve got a brand new page full of content, with more to come! The weekly update this week is this page, right here. Don’t come back until you’ve read it, then go to our forums, and demand more. Will there be more, you ask? Oh yes. There will be more… So. Much. More. Have at it, you ravenous beasts. You can find the link to that page on the DETOUR project page as well. The image looks something like this one you see below. Something like this that you should click. Click it.

If by this point, you — for some odd reason — have not clickified any of these links, they all pretty much go to one place. The new DETOUR items and weaponry page, thusly dubbed “Construction and Destruction”. It’s fairly self-explanatory. Click the image below to see just what we’re going on about. More items (and more elaborate information about each item!) to be added very shortly!


Did we mention there are rewards to be had on the forums, and member title advancement for posting a lot? Get to the forum posting. That place is a ghost town. We’re very much afraid of ghosts.

Pardon Our Dust, ladies and gentlemen. Kicking up a lot around here.

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More coming soon...