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Geoff Keene   Twitter

CEO / Design Director

Geoff founded Sandswept shortly after his 17th birthday, and has continued to found ever since. In fact, he’s found he can do lots of things, including but not limited to gameplay design, stick figure art, establish the boiling temperature of water in Celsius, create fancy web sites like this, slave-drive, crack a whip (the two are unrelated), and write fancy stories. Knowing him, he’ll read all of the e-mails you send him, answer most of your questions, and even post a bit on the forums. In a very irresponsible way, he’s responsible for the majority of game design and overall project vision, and rumor has it he’s even submitted an actual bug or two.


Richard Keene

DOB and Programming Connoisseur (CTO)

Richard is one of a kind. No, seriously. They stopped making this brand about five decades ago. Richard has worked over 20 years in the software industry and says very mathematically complex things. Most of the team at Sandswept tends to nod their heads and pretend like they understood it, but the real work is in the trenches, where he somehow just makes everything happen. He’s like a ghostbuster if the ghosts were code and he used a vacuum to… Fix it.

Something like that.

Zander Parker

Teapot Renderer

Zander is amazingly British. In fact, he is so British, he says things in a funny manner, calls Dinner “Tea Time”, and, get this, he even hails from England. How more British can you get? Luckily, his pip-pip cheerio attitude comes with some bloody grand talent attached. When he’s not drinking tea, he likes to program fancy “maths” to slow DETOUR’s framerate and make things particularly shiny.

Brad Stark

Music Composer

Brad has composed a large amount of the spectacular musical soundtrack in DETOUR, along with being responsible for all things sound design. You can check out his musical endeavors at

Jonathan Churchill

Music Composer

Jon makes beautiful music that rings in thine ears. He is responsible for some of the awesome musical tracks in DETOUR.


Thomas Keene

Writist / Community Guy
Thomar has been eating, sleeping, and bathing videogames since he was young. Seriously, it’s really weird. He’ll wash their disks in the tub, dry them off carefully to put them back in their cases, tuck them in at night, and then in the morning he’ll douse them in 2% milk and chomp on them until his mouth bleeds.

His first videogames were semi-graphical RPGs programmed on the TI-83. It was an elegant platform, for a more… civilized age. He’s currently living the dream. If that dream involves late nights and cramming for college exams.

Heather Smith

Concept Artist

Heather graduated from Columbia College where she studied Interactive Media and How To Win At Art (We’re pretty sure that’s a course you can take). Aside from the occasional quirks, Heather often describes herself as completely insane. She has an astute mind for game design, awesome gameplay mechanics, and how to draw things in a really cute way. When she isn’t busy working on the menu graphics and character art in DETOUR, she can be found mumbling about conspiracy theories to her socks. We’re sure it’s nothing. You can also take a peek at her portfolio site,


Atle Hillmann

Lead (Only) Animator

Animation at it’s finest. Or is it at it’s most Norwegian? We always confuse the two.

Sotiri Kannis

Lead 3D Artist

Raised in the outback deserts of Australia (or it might have been Melbourne) by two pugs and kangaroo, Sotiri firmly holds a major in art, and a minor in playing a lot of video games. Which is also major, in fact. It’s a major minor thing that he does. Speaking of things he does, he also does some fancy 3D art for Sandswept, when he’s not busy sucking up to Geoff.


Jesus Roman

3D Artist

I don’t even know what to say about this guy. He makes 3D stuff. Look, his avatar is still the basic default question mark. I mean, come on. Seriously. Seriously.

Jesse Turner

Concept Artist

Known only as “Jouste the Drawbarian” in the Northern Lands (Probably Canada), Jesse is a master of conceptualizing the ridiculously obscure, the strangely attractive, and the shockingly syrupy. When he isn’t being crushed under the weight of his mad skills, he brings to life the concepts and ideas of the designers. He also draws warrior lobsters. Weird.

Jake Kapostins


Pro motocross racer turned game developer, Jake Kapostins is living the dream. Or something. When he’s not coding he’s, well…he’s coding. Once he finishes a project he moves on to the next, and when there is no next, he drives off into the sunset on his bike. He usually codes while riding.

Drew Tucker

Public Relations

Do you want to know how to be awesome? Look no further than this guy. Not only does he have a BS degree in Mass Communications where he studied journalism, public relations and cinema, but he is also a sexy beast. He may buy you a drink if you’re nice to him…or he’ll make you buy him a drink. Whichever he feels like doing. Did he mention how awesome he is?

James Chapman

Super Slayn Programmer

His power level is well above the 9000 mark, and it just seems to keep rising. James is currently a college student studying game development/programming. During his free time he’s fixing bugs for DETOUR. He likes DBZ.



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