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While is an exciting fun-filled land of adventure, there are some really boring stuff we just have to include here. Without further ado (or boredom-inducing madness), below is a nice pile of links that you might pass off as summer reading, a school book report, or uh… Oh yeah, it’s mostly legal stuff.

[ Trademarks / Legal ] : Are you fancy? So are we. We like keeping our fancy stuff under control, and make sure no one is using it when they shouldn’t. Here’s the place to go for all things involving copyright and trademarks.

[ Code of Conduct / Terms of Use ] : Curious about how we run things around here and on our community forums? The CoC/ToC is where the law is laid.

[ Privacy Statement ] : Are you afraid that the government is spying on you? Perhaps you’re afraid that aliens are trying to probe your brain and/or other? Or maybe Big Brother is collecting your discarded pizza crusts and making clones of you through traces of DNA found in your saliva? … Wait, that’s one is probably true. Luckily, on this web site, we’re not really doing any of that. Your privacy is… How should we say? Private. Read for details.

[ Contact ] : Just have to get something off your chest? Wondering why we start all of these descriptions with a question? You should probably get a psychiatrist or a girlfriend or wingman or something. But anyway, here’s some contact information, if you just have to get in touch with us.

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