It’s a simple rule, Kid. Use more BOOM to make more room! - The Crease

Welcome to the Hard Head Construction And Deconstruction Depot! You can call it CADD for short! Here you’ll find that we have only the finest in road-building materials, delivery defense devices, and things that go “BOOM!”

Your arsenal awaits.

The Factory

Every legend has a beginning. Sometimes those beginnings are really dirty, greasey, and probably smell like gasoline. Take the Factory, for example. Factories are where every player begins, builds roads, and launches trucks. Your factory cannot be destroyed and it does not produce chocolate. Our deepest apologies.

Delivery Truck

Every legend has a beginning. Sometimes those beginnings are really dirty, greasey, and probably smell like gasoline. Take the Truck, for example. (Hey wait a minute… Are they just re-using descriptions from the first item on the list?) Seriously, though. The Truck is the core of the game. You win by getting trucks across the board. They also come in a wide array of different flavors. What does that mean, you may wonder? Wonder on. All will be revealed in time.


The humble asphalt road. Backbone of civilization, symbol of speedy progress, and bane of furry little critters everywhere. This is one of those things you won’t be using a lot.* We don’t even know why we have them, but we’ll talk about them anyway. Roads automatically connect together to form intersections and turns. This is the default road that player’s will use to build across the board. Trucks and cars drive on these. 2+2 also equals 4. Wow, this is a boring description. We should probably end it here.



Bridges are a symbol to the backbone of our society. The perfect arch. Our crowning achivement as a species. The means by which Humanity has ‘bridged’ the gap and ‘reached’ ahead to become the civilization we are now.

But no, they’re still pretty much used for getting over stuff.


With a timer and duct tape, you can do a lot. You can do a lot more if you just add something more explosive into the mix. Dynamite is pretty straightforward in it’s purpose. Blow. Stuff. Up. Use it to chip away at something large, or clear something small. Either way, it’s the go-to when something needs to get out of the way. Or if it’s just blocking your view…

Large Bomb

For when you absolutely must put a crater somewhere. Great for destroying enemy buildings and trucks. We wish there was more to say about this, but… Come on! It has “POW” written on the side. What else can we say about this? … Other than it’s the most gosh-darn beautiful way you could ever deal with a rodent infestation on a golf course.


We would say “Tinkle” here, as some sort of onomatopoeia regarding the noise nails make when sprinkled on a road, but it probably wouldn’t come across the way we intend. These sneaky nails can be placed just about anywhere. Nails are great for stopping enemy trucks!


The Streetsweeper is used to keep your streets clean of pesky little obstacles and things that might slow down your progress. This vehicle can come in handy when you want to make a quick pass over your roads to check for things that might impede the progress of your trucks.

Air Turret

Looking at the Air Turret, it may appear to be harmless. To most things, it is. To anything in the air… Instant rotisserie. The air turret is a great defense against large bombs. It will shoot down any incoming bombs or missiles in one hit, but it has to wait awhile before it can zap off another round. You wanted more laser? You got it.

Ground Turret

The Ground Turret fires devastating explosive shells at anything on the ground, building or vehicle, that comes too close for comfort. A force to be reckoned with, this turret blows away anything traveling along the ground, or buildings and road-ways within its proximity.

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