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Kickstarter: SUCCESS!

Hello Legionnaires!

You guys and girls are awesome! We’ve reached 258% with $154,968 and 4,218 backers within the 30 days our Kickstarter was active! Thanks to you, we’ve been able to have a few members of our team go full time. Now we can dedicate the next 6 months to heads-down development.

For those of you that pledged, you will be receiving an email with a Kickstarter survey so we know how to distribute your rewards, so be on the look out for that.

Because we’ve had so much success with our Kickstarter, we’ve decided to extend our PayPal donations to May 9th! You can pledge any amount up to $500 and receive the same Kickstarter rewards! This will be your last chance to donate before the Alpha comes out.

We cannot thank you enough for your pledges and support!

Pardon our dust!

Introducing - The Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter Backpack!
The $50 reward for Kickstarter has been announced! Click the link below to learn more about it!

Kickstarter: Kicking It Forward

Kicking It Forward! Click here!
Kicking It Forward

DETOUR Price Drops 50%!

Hello Legionnaires!

The entire Sandswept Team has been working super hard to get The Dead Linger ready for you guys and gals.

As a thank you for being so patient, we are permanently dropping the price of DETOUR from $9.99 to $4.99, and the 4-pack from $29.99 to $14.99! This 50% price cut also applies to all currencies!

So pick up a copy or get a 4-pack and share the fun with your friends. Be sure to share your Steam ID’s with other Legionnaires and let us know what you think of DETOUR over at our forums!

Grab DETOUR on Steam today!

Pardon our dust!

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Sandswept Studios is hiring!

Sandswept is hiring a 3D Environmental Artist to make real world objects and possibly vehicles and weapons for The Dead Linger. This is currently unpaid, volunteer work.

Qualifications include:
- Skill in and knowledge of 3DS Max, Maya, or Blender
- Skill with Zbrush or Mudbox is also preferred (normal maps)
- Skill in Photoshop or GIMP (texture maps)
- Must be able to work with deadlines and schedules
- Must be able to work with a team
- Previous experience modeling real world objects is preferred

To apply, visit our Jobs page.


DETOUR Daily Deal!

Hi Legionnaires!

Fridays are the best, aren’t they?
We think so! Which is why we’re making DETOUR 66% off just for today!

Because it’s Friday. And Fridays rock.

Click here to buy DETOUR on Steam!

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Pardon our Dust!

DETOUR Gameplay Vlog #4

Hello Legionnaires!

Watch our 4th DETOUR Gameplay Vlog where Dana and Geoff sit down and play some DETOUR on Tunnel Vision, a very interesting map! Guest starring “FearMyWrench”.

Pardon our dust!

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DETOUR Gameplay Vlog #2

Hello Legionnaires!

Many of you know of Sandswept’s Design Director, Geoff Keene’s superior DETOUR skills, but do you truly know how good he is?

Watch our second DETOUR Gameplay Vlog, where Geoff and Dana Churchill, Sandswept’s Community Manager play head to head on The Hot Gates, and learn more about DETOUR!

Pardon our dust!

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DETOUR Gameplay Vlog #1

Hey Legionnaires!

Ahh, 2012. Another year full of excitement, gaming, and Mayan prophecies. Since the world is ending, we decided we should have as much fun as possible, and that means making DETOUR Dev Vlogs!

Check out our first ever Gameplay Dev Vlog, featuring Geoff Keene, Sandswept’s Design Director, and Dana Churchill, the Community Manager, as they play a 2v2 match!

Post your fan art, screenshots, suggestions, or find some DETOUR teammates over at our forums!

And as always, you can buy DETOUR on Steam.

Pardon our dust!

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DETOUR Pre-Holiday Sale! 75% off!

Hey Legionnaires!

I love checking out all of the feedback we have on the forums for TDL – the team here at Sandswept is checking the forums daily and reading all of your great suggestions.

We have some exciting news: DETOUR will be a part of Steam’s Pre-Holiday Sale from November 23rd to November 28th! It will be 75% off, so be sure to pick up a copy if you haven’t already or grab a copy as a holiday gift – you won’t be disappointed!

With that said, for those of you who have or will get DETOUR, be sure to check out our forums for threads where you can post feedback, DETOUR artwork that you’ve created, screenshots, and post your Steam ID’s so you can play with other Legionnaires and the Sandswept team!

Get truckin’!

Pardon our dust!

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