Meet The Team



Geoff “Zag” Keene Twitter Email Blog

CEO / Design Director

Geoff founded Sandswept shortly after his 17th birthday, and has continued to found ever since. In fact, he’s found he can do lots of things, including but not limited to gameplay design, stick figure art, boil water strictly in Celsius, create fancy web sites like this, slave-drive, crack a whip (the two are unrelated), and write fancy stories. He’s responsible for the majority of game design and overall project vision of Sandswept’s titles, and rumor has it he even does some work from time to time.



Information Intelligence Unit

Find me.



Richard “Thunderfist” Keene Twitter Email

CTO / Lead Programmer

Richard is one of a kind. No, seriously. They stopped making this brand about five decades ago. Richard has worked over 35 years in the software industry and says very mathematically complex things. Most of the team at Sandswept tends to nod their heads and pretend like they understood it, but the real work is in the trenches, where he somehow just makes everything happen.



Dane Petersen Twitter

3D Character Artist

Dane was born and raised in the ever-exciting … Kansas. He’s always loved fantasy and fiction, and got into games at a young age. With a love art, mostly self-taught skills, and a burning desire to not work in fast food or accounting, Dane creates and sculpts characters, bringing to life the world of The Dead Linger. So you can kill things in it.


Chaoss Pierce Twitter

3D Environment Artist

Chaoss began his career in game development through the creation of Quake 1 maps back in the year 1998. He’s been professionally creating game levels and virtual worlds since 2003, and he’s worked on several other projects, such as City of Perdition and City of Lost Angels. He has an unhealthy obsession with the Oculus Rift, and a healthy obsession with vodka, as well as a lust for exploring abandoned architecture. He’s currently creating structures and environment art for The Dead Linger.


Parker Hamblin Twitter

Transient Inter-Dimensional Spacewalker Concept Artist

Parker grew up in Farmington, Utah. At a… Oh, sorry, fell asleep for a second there. He’s currently Bacheloring finely in art, and as a bachelor, does fine art. He also watches anime, plays games (shocker!) and is a fan of movies we watched back when we were like, 12 years old. He also holds a lot of pencils. Expensive pencils.



Atle Hillmann


Animation at its finest. Or at its most Norwegian? We always confuse the two.


Grant Murphy



Community and Support


Jenny “HackerGirl” Pina Twitter

Community Lead / Artist

Jenny is an internet multi-tasker of sorts with quite a few tricks up her sleeve. She’s a graphic designer, moderator, charity organizer and zombie expert! With a passion for the indie gaming industry, she thrives on networking and building a strong connection with the community, whether it is online or in person. She also has an insane amount of time clocked into MMOs, 2003 days to be exact. You can find her on most social media platforms typing away at the online world. Introductory Blog


Christopher Howell

Community Manager



Katie “KateitaK” Colvin

QA / Support