DETOUR Pre-Holiday Sale! 75% off!

Hey Legionnaires!

I love checking out all of the feedback we have on the forums for TDL – the team here at Sandswept is checking the forums daily and reading all of your great suggestions.

We have some exciting news: DETOUR will be a part of Steam’s Pre-Holiday Sale from November 23rd to November 28th! It will be 75% off, so be sure to pick up a copy if you haven’t already or grab a copy as a holiday gift – you won’t be disappointed!

With that said, for those of you who have or will get DETOUR, be sure to check out our forums for threads where you can post feedback, DETOUR artwork that you’ve created, screenshots, and post your Steam ID’s so you can play with other Legionnaires and the Sandswept team!

Get truckin’!

Pardon our dust!

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