DETOUR has been released!

We have very little news today. Oh right, except that we just released DETOUR on Steam!

Let the long-awaited carnage begin! Click the image below to purchase DETOUR, Sandswept’s first-ever game, right now!

New here? THIS is DETOUR.

Pick up a copy (or four! discounted 4-Pack now available!) and let the rockets fly! Play it with friends, play it with foes, play it with siblings, parents, or bros! Don’t miss this experience of a lifetime that you can have in your lifetime!

There’s so much to cover, so we’ll try our best through the day. Let’s just reiterate. You could be playing DETOUR in under 20 minutes, we’re not kidding. Go pick it up! It’s an amazing multiplayer game! Get your friends to pick it up too, they’ve earned it!

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Youtube Description:Now available on Steam! Buy it here!

DETOUR is an exciting construction-based war game in which players pit their minds and their might against one another in order to safely guide a hapless delivery truck across a deadly battlefield! With DETOUR, Sandswept Studios puts a colorful twist on the RTS genre, creating a game that is both simple to learn, and complex to master — like a chess game with bombs! DETOUR sports endless amounts of unique strategies, a built-in map editor, AI opponents, 5 distinct modes of play, 27 singleplayer challenges, unlockables, online play, an epic soundtrack, and much, much more!

Key Features:
- 4-player multiplayer/coop
- 5 distinct game modes
- AI opponents
- Easy to learn, complex to master
- Built-in, easy to use map editor with map sharing
- 27 singleplayer challenges
- Unlockable visual truck themes

Let the carnage begin!

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We wish you all the best experience in the very first game from Sandswept Studios (That’s us!). Swing by the forums if you run into any first-day woes, questions, need assistance, or anything of that sort! We’ll be supporting, fixing, and assisting you through the day to ensure the launch goes smoothly! Register on the forums right now and you’ll receive a little something special!

Happy playing, happy posting, and Pardon Our Dust! See you online!

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