Truck 12 of 14: Hippy

The population of an endangered species is dwindling on this planet we call Earth. We humans have neglected them for far too long, and their numbers are now dying out. Fairly soon there won’t be many left at all. Yes, I speak of the ever-declining Hippy population.

Will you help us save them?

If this isn’t a hybrid, the irony is going to be so funny or something, man.

And now, we present the eco-friendly, entirely edible and bio-degradable wallpapers, for your consumption, or lining on your natural, soy-based compost bin.
800×600 - 1280×1024 - 1440×900 (Wide) - 1920×1080 (HD Wide)

DETOUR - 10% Off!
Now that we’ve balanced our pink-to-flower ratio of trucks, we have some news you simply must read.

DETOUR releases May 16th. That’s in like, not that many days. Purchasing DETOUR on Steam during the first week will result in knocking 10% off the price! Pick it up then! That’s like 9 bucks, instead of 10 bucks! Who else would give you a game 1 dollar off during the first week? We would. That’s who. Buy yourself a candy bar. You’ve earned it. And then buy DETOUR. You’ve earned that too.

Pardon Our Hippies!

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