Weekly Update: A Green Update

WARNING: These road-construction tools are not intended to be used on virtual delivery trucks.

Oops.  Well, they made some nice screenshots.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

This is always a time of year when I feel a little green.  It might have something to do with the grass coming out, or maybe it’s because now I don’t have to bundle up under three layers of…

Waitaminnit…  Hold that thought.


These are some super-secret pictures taken from screenshots, as evidenced by the red “classified” labels.  Don’t tell ANYONE that I was allowed to leak them to you, or I might lose my job.  Shhh!

These not-screenshots come thanks to the forced labor and extortion of everybody on the Sandswept team.  They’ve been doing hard work so you can play this awesome game, and don’t you forget it!  Say “hi” or something to them on the forums.

The first image is a small section of a screenshot of a Bomb going off on the right side.  You’ll also notice a team-colored truck on the left.  The Bomb is a long-range road-building weapon that also serves well for destroying trucks and obstacles, like your opponent’s prized roads and structures.  It has a relatively small radius, so you need to be very careful when using it.

Careful, as in, “always point away from face.”  (Interpret that as you will.)

The Bomb is the crudest and most expensive way to annoy your opponent.  It’s also really fun to watch when everything goes “BOOM!”  I think 50% of our special effects budget has gone into these Bombs, and the other half went into the shiny water and the truck bubble.

The next screenshot is the truck bubble, or ATSD.  It’s quite appropriate because it’s actually more annoying (I’m sorry, that should be read “awe-inspiring”) than The Bomb.  The ATSD is a handy defensive bubble that temporarily protects all of your trucks from damage for a short amount of time.  Trucks are expensive, you’re going to want to take good care of them.  The ATSD is a great way to counter The Bomb.

It’s also very shiny.  It’s my favorite item in DETOUR, actually.  It looks even cooler in-game, it wobbles a bit.

These two items perfectly demonstrate a balance we’ve strived to achieve in DETOUR.  For every offense, there is a defense you can use to counter it.  If you want to launch an all-out offensive, we’ve got bombs and more!  If you don’t like getting hit by all-out offensives, you can take a break from road-building and set up some fine defenses to protect your hard-won territory.  Of course, both of those take up time you could be using to get trucks across the board, so you have to determine your strategy wisely.

Something Green

We’ve got plenty of other great stuff to show you guys in the upcoming weeks, like truck skins and gametypes and whatnot.  We’ve got an awesome art team and half of the hot awesome art stuff they’re working on is so top-secret I’ll get in trouble just for hinting it exists.

So, I hope you all enjoy whatever holiday is going on at the moment.  We’re hard at work on DETOUR and our other top-secret projects, which are looking awesome, by the way.

Keep posting on the forums, we love to hear from you!  Pardon our dust.

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