Truck 9 of 14: Toxic

I’ve been sick for the past few days, so when looking over the next trucks to write about, this one seemed completely fitting. It’s gross, it’s green, and it looks like the stuff you’d find dribbling down my throat at 3 AM. Oh, that’s just disgusting.

Radioactive goo or delicious cake frosting? You be the judge.

They said transporting this stuff is dangerous. We don’t see how that’s possible. The driver is perfectly safe in there!

Feel like transporting something dangerous, or just into gas masks? This truck is definitely for you.

And just like that, we sneezed out some wallpapers for you as well. Feel free to wipe these all over your friends. They’re 100% safe. None of the three-eyed test bunnies were complaining.
800×600 - 1280×1024 - 1440×900 (Wide) - 1920×1080 (HD Wide)

More trucks on the way! DETOUR is almost finished!

Pardon Our Sickness!

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