Truck 8 of 14: Valentine <3

Yes indeed, audience. That time of year has come. You all have waited for it. February 14th. We all know what this day holds. A special event of love and compassion, shared with the one closest to us, unrivaled by any event of the year… It’s a truck update, of course!

Oh, and something about Valentine’s Day?

Will you be mine?

Each comes with a thoughtfully printed card you can use to apologize to the police when you’re pulled over.

You know, we really should’ve made a Valentires pun in here or something. Bah, too late. Our love is in the pipe. Or is the pipe? … Don’t over-think that.

Share these. Like you share your heart. Wallpapers for you and your significant other. Or just you.
800×600 - 1280×1024 - 1440×900 (Wide) - 1920×1080 (HD Wide)

If you don’t have someone to share this with, then just curl up with a nice cup of hot chocolate and read our truck updates. It’s like Sandswept is giving you a gift every week or two. That’s better than most relationships, right? … Right?

Don’t worry. Your heart is in good hands. We’re gonna love you forever and ever.

Pardon Our Love! <3

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