Truck 6 of 14: Camo

Well this is pretty cool. Blotchy camo pattern is always a favorite amongst the…

“Hey, wait a minute,” you say… “All they did was add a camouflage pattern to the regular truck!”


It’s not a hammer or toilet seat that costs the government four hundred dollars. It’s this rockin’ paint job!

War changes a person. And apparently makes you use the term “rockin’”. But those of you that are comfortable with change, you can change your wallpaper! Various sizes found below.
800×600 - 1280×1024 - 1440×900 (Wide) - 1920×1080 (HD Wide)

One more fun thing to throw in here… The DETOUR “Platformed” trailer is almost up to 11k views! Thanks to every one who watched it! Tell your friends!

That’s all for now! Over and out.

Pardon Our Dust!

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