DETOUR Patch v1.2

Hello again and welcome to the exciting land of wonder that is our news feed here on! … You’re not excited? Whatever. We’re excited. Why? Because we’re releasing patch 1.2 for DETOUR! With this patch, we’re rolling out what is to be the final DETOUR updates for the perceivable future. We’re patching up what we consider to be the main problem issues, along with the addition of Achievements, truck themes, and a couple balance tweaks!

This update will be live TODAY, so go right ahead and download it (if you haven’t already) and get back in there. Beat up your friends, it’s what any good friend would do.

You could read the full list of changes below. Enjoy!

DETOUR v1.2 Patch Notes

- 28 Achievements have been added to DETOUR! You can view the full list of achievements here;
- Truck Themes added! You can now stylize your trucks! Themes unlock when you acquire certain achievements. You can change your truck theme in the multiplayer lobby.
- GAME MECHANIC CHANGE: Building on a recently destroyed tile will now have a longer cooldown for the player who previously owned it. (4 second cooldown instead of 2 for every one else)
- Symmetry modes in the map editor are now correctly labeled
- Some memory usage has been decreased, we are no longer loading certain images in the background
- Wetlands water now displays properly
- Lobby ready signal should not longer be out of sync with clients and host
- Turrets now properly lock out at the max limit of 3
- Neutral turrets placed in map editor are now properly claimable in game
- Text chat dropshadow removed, no longer double stacked. Text chat should look much cleaner now.
- Trucks no longer treat tunnels like road when pathing, and will not longer remain stuck near turrets if there is another route.
- Party leader can no longer be changed in lobbies via menu option. Party leader only auto-switches to another player when host leaves the lobby.
- Character heads on Challenge screen are no longer too high on some resolutions.
- Merger mode has been removed until it functions as intended.
- Trucks to Win no longer carries over from singleplayer challenges to multiplayer lobbies (which was causing trucks to win default to be 3, instead of 10)
- Scanner Towers cost 5 credits down from 9.
- Police and Nail popped-tire announcements no longer claim you are the victim of the attack when you are not.
- Air turrets will no longer shoot down bombs of players on the same team.

A few of you may notice a few less achievements than we promised originally. We can simply say it will all be for the best. Reducing the number of achievements to implement gives us that much of a head start on what’s coming next.

And with that, we are going dark for just a short while. We are preparing something… Nefarious, under the hood. Our next project is going to be something completely different, and completely massive, in every sense of the word. We are just now getting into it, full swing, with all our effort focused on one goal. Making that game you want most.

You’ll know it when you see it. Keep your eyes peeled.

Pardon Our Dust.

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