Look, look, look. If you can’t beat ‘em one way, try another way. Or give up. I guess. - Contractor Rush

These are the different kinds of multiplayer gametypes in DETOUR. You can play by yourself against computer opponents, or with your friends. Or with your friends AND computer opponents. The possibilities are endless! … Well, I guess that’s actually where they stop, at least for player arragnement… But that’s pretty cool too, right?

Get ready to rumble!

Free For All

The least complicated gametype in DETOUR is Free-For-All. You have no teammates, and no friends to rely on. Just you, a factory, and a burning desire to get some trucks across the map. Opposing you are three, two, or one players, equally determined to build and deliver. And you’re probably going to be an obstacle in their way. Expect explosions, dirty underhanded tactics, and shameful whimpering.


Time for some friendly competition! The Conglomerate gametype lets you team up with another player, which means you both win together! And if you lose, you probably need to find a better friend. …uh, who is better at DETOUR. Right…

You’ll each have your own factory and budget, but you can share roads and you share your score.


Our lawyers are still figuring out why this is legal. Until then, you and a teammate get to work together to beat your opponents. You only have one factory and one budget, but you’ll get to multitask and strategize in a perfect union of bliss and harmony.

Lawyers’ Note: bliss and harmony not guaranteed.

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