Much, much too instabular to maintain this kind of ecosystemal imbalance! - Professor Dr. Tewlep

These are the different kinds of terrain you will be mercilessly bulldozing in your quest for world domination. …I mean, “world transportation.”

The wide open world awaits.


Grass is a normal, empty tile, just waiting to have something built on it. Road construction is like interior decoration, you know? You just have to fill empty space. It’s okay, nobody was using those wide open spaces anyways. We’d show you a picture, but we don’t want you passing out due to boredom and end up getting keyboard-face.


Unless you want to build right over them, farms are great places! You can grow crops, raise cows, and park a cute pink tractor next to your home. Wait, a pink tractor?


Rocky terrain is full of pebbles, rocks, stones, and boulders. The sort of thing you would definitely not want to stub your toes on. Rocks are serious impediments to roadbuilding, so you will have to take time to bulldoze them before you can keep going.


Rubble is what’s left over after you’ve blown something up. It’s only marginally less attractive than forests and wetlands. You have to bulldoze it to clear it out before building over it.

But no, they’re still pretty much used for getting over stuff.


This is where cute, pink, fluffy bunnies live. Revolting, isn’t it? You can pave it over with a road for twice the normal cost.

Jagged Peak

Jagged peaks are totally impassible. You can’t blow them up because they’re too big, and you can’t build over them because they’re too tall. Go figure. Anybody feel like yodeling?

Abandoned Factory

An abandoned factory is a hollow shell, shaped like… well, a factory. This is a grim reminder of the fate that can befall a failed DETOURist. You can build next to abandoned factories because nobody is using them. (For now.)

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