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It's okay. It's fine. We get it. Sometimes you get carried away. Sometimes you're just a little anxious, hyper, whatever. Maybe your favorite TV show came on in the other room. Maybe your dog is barking. Maybe you don't have a dog. You should probably go find out what was barking then. But whatever the case, accidents happen. Mistakes are made. Maybe your judgement was impaired. Who knows? Either way, you mis-typed or tried to get somewhere you just plain can't. We're not even saying the page doesn't exist. Every one creates their own reality, you know? Maybe it was a bug. If that's truly the case, maybe you should let Geoff know. You should probably address him as Sir. Describe the problem in as much detail as you can until he passes out or induces vomitting. Whichever floats your boat. Or his breakfast. Maybe even tell him what you think of those fancy video games we're making. He does read all his e-mails. Who knows, maybe he'll even reply to one. Or two. Or a dozen.

Or maybe not. Maybe you don't want to e-mail him. Perhaps you just want to get on with your life. You know, the choice is your's. Think about that for a second. The world -- your future -- is in your hands. But hey, look, we aren't judging. Maybe you were trying to poke around and see if you can find any hidden pages on, which there probably are. Or maybe there aren't. Who's to say? By this time, you're probably looking to get off this page, because frankly, we're not even sure how you got here. You should be more careful next time you poke around. Or don't. That's your call. We won't think less (or more) of you for it. In fact, you probably don't even remember what you were looking for. We're pretty sure it was an existential truth about life and our existance in this universe. Or you were trying to find free stuff and funny pictures of kittens. Free stuff is good. Kittens are even better. You know, you're not so bad after all. We respect you for tyring to find those kinds of things. It's a worthy way to spend time. It's what most of us do all day anyway. Why do you think DETOUR has taken so long to get out there? Cats. And darn cute ones, too. But maybe we're completey wrong, and you were simply trying to get to the forums? ... No? No forums? Okay. We won't mind.

Okay, we do mind a little. The forums are pretty spectacular, and the Sandswept team likes posting there. It's our fancy way to say hello. Well, one of our fancy ways. Anywho, you were probably looking to get back to where you came from, eh? ... Really? Then what exactly are you looking for? We can't help you much there. Maybe you were trying to find something hilarious? We hear DETOUR is pretty hilarious. You should check it out sometime. But here? No, there's no hilarious here. It's been against company policy since after the spaghetti incident.

Oh... Oh, the meatballs... They were everywhere... Who knew lunch hour could go so wrong?


Uh, er. Here. Have some links. Stay out of trouble.

Probably What You Really Were Looking For:

  • The Community Forums (If you're not part of the Sandswept Legion, you're not part of life.)
  • Meet the Sandswept Team (Don't worry, most of them aren't nearly as bad as the guy who wrote this.)
  • Hidden Section [Link Redacted, good hunting! First one to find it and post and/or e-mail us about it gets a forum achievable. No hints.]
  • DETOUR is a pretty cool game that blows up semi-trucks and doesn't afraid of anything.
  • Kitten Picture (Yep, that just happened. Photo used without permission, caption added without remorse, and cat courtesy of a friend of Sandswept. Well, that is, she was a friend, until we captioned her cat.)
  • And more! (Home Page)

Or you want some reading courtesy of the Sandswept Blog?:

And if that's not it, we're out of links and we simply can't help you. Really. There's something wrong with you. Seek help. Or stay on our website longer. You know you love it here. We're still serious about that help thing though.
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