Truck 2 of 14: Carnival

Content. Friggin. Complete. Holy cow. (Oh wait, we cut those last week)

Holy Truck, for that matter. Oh wait, the Holy Truck comes later. We’re having trouble taking in that DETOUR is content complete. This means there is no more art left to create. Kind of blows your mind, right? Right. Just as the therapist said. Deep breathing accompanied by a girlish squeal of delight.

The Carnival truck. Here.

This clown-themed decoration is sure to awaken your foes deeply repressed childhood traumas.

Creepy. Just as the other trucks, this is purely cosmetic in-game, but just enough to give you that little flare you need to beat your opponent, probably. Maybe. Anyway, here’s a unique wallpaper to adorn your desktop with.
800×600 - 1280×1024 - 1440×900 (Wide) - 1920×1080 (HD Wide)

And with that, we’re in major crunch time, with a huge PC-related revelation on the way. We’ll speak again soon. Oh yes, we shall.

Pardon Our Dust!

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