Weekly Update: April Not Fooled

Yeah, the server issues frustrated us too.

On the bright side, everything’s working now, so there shouldn’t be any more problems.  If there are, please let us know immediately, or else the rest of the site may dribble out onto the server room floor.

Short Update

DETOUR is still moving along, we’ll have more screenshots “when they’re ready.”  The game’s looking better than ever, thanks to the hard work from the team. We wish we could stop saying this and start showing this. The tide is coming in. It might be a tsunami.

This week, it seems Heather deserves special mention.  She’s completely redoing the pretty little menu graphics (what we call the “GUI”) for DETOUR, and you’ll get to see that really soon. Essentially things have been brightened up to match our color-tastic theme and vibrant look of the game, whereas before it was quite gritty, dark, and flat. The DETOUR logo *may* get a revision as well, but we’re holding out on that one until we’re absolutely sure. Like all the GUI art, nothing has changed aside from the visual appearance and style. Everything remains the same position and size as you’ve seen before and — Oh wait. We haven’t really shown you guys the latest menus yet… Stick around.

The rest of the team is rocking out the awesome on something else. We’ll definitely getting into the who’s and what’s, but not until DETOUR is clean out the door. Know that there is another beast lurking in the shadows. A really cute beast.

We apologize in not-advance this week for the lack of April Fool’s tomfoolery, but the server issues had left us busier than we had planned. Possible April Fools’ jokes you missed out on from us because of the server dying (which, sadly, was not a joke.)

- Sandswept is shutting down forever! Oh no! This is either due to some huge company buying and dissolving us, or we just gave up on our life’s dreams!

- Sandswept announces new product that Sandswept would not really announce, like hand sanitizer. (We call it “Handitizer”)

- Sandswept changes things, like adding a forum filter to common words (Turning words like “The” to “I’m a monkey!” in every single post.), or flipping images upside down, or changing every one’s avatars to the ever-so-succulent Team Edward. He can suck MY blood any day!

- Sandswept announces funny game that they’re not really working on.

- “Pink color scheme.” “Website has been hacked.” and other classics.

So in short — you didn’t miss much. Next year, though. Next year we’re gonna get you.

Did you believe us? April Fools, friends. April Fools.

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