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R.I.P. Weekly Update (And Hello Website!)

I know this will come as a shock to many of you. You all have eagerly anticipated it every week, but it can’t go on. I know it’s very sudden, but there is no other way to break it to you. I am sad to announce that we aren’t going to do weekly updates on a weekly basis anymore.

I’ll just give you a second to take that all in.

I know that this announcement must be horrifying and totally unexpected. Nobody foresaw this new and shocking development, I’m sure.

Anyways, you can still come here for all of your sweet Sandswept updatedness, and we promise it will be at least two point eight times as great as before! It just won’t be here every week. It could still be here more often, but this whole “keeping a schedule” thing…

Besides, there are only so many ways I can keep telling everybody that “DETOUR is progressing” and keep it interesting. Watch our Twitter. Now that’s some interesting stuff. Did you also notice the home page has our Twitter feed on it? Pretty cool, but make sure you show your support and actually follow us on Twitter either way! We might even Tweet back at you!

Hey look, it’s a new website!

And now, without further adew…



And now, without any more rambling, putting aside stressed analogies, and avoiding the subject like it’s a week-old bag of garbage I need to take out to the dumpster, we shall announce something you probably already noticed.

This site is freaking sweet!

I mean, check it out. Right now. Pop open a new tab in your browser and take a look around.

… Did you open the new site yet?

Good. It’s awesome, right? This is our brand new website. We call it…

Sandswept dot net version One-Point-Oh

The version of the website we want everyone to see when we make our big DETOUR release date announcement. It’s so close, I can taste it!

Are you excited? Please, contain yourself, I’m not done yet.

My favorite is the sick front-page slideshow. All of these fancy images clickable for links to updates, DETOUR project pages, and other neat places on the site. Important stuff. Stuff we want you to see.

The succulent project page for DETOUR has links to all of the screenshots and item descriptions for the game. Why is it “succulent,” you ask? I dunno, you tell me.

The Community menu links to the forums, as always. Please swing on by the forums to gush praises over the awesome site. Or mingle. Mingling is cool too. Oh! And please, feel free to ask us more questions in our DETOUR FAQ thread. We’ll collect the good ones and answer them in an update.

We also have our humble staff bios under the About tab. If you want to help wrangle the Sandswept beast, look there too. We’re always hiring!

Finally, please look for broken links and bugs on the shiny new site. We’ll even give you a brand new forum Achievable icon if you find any! When you find them, please go to this thread and post them:

General Feedback/Suggestions/Bugs thread!

Welcome to your new home, dedicated member of the Sandswept Legion.

Pardon Our Dust!

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