Sandswept Studios was founded in December of 2007 and we've come a long way since then. The Sandswept Team is comprised of ultra-creative designers, artists, and engineers from all over the globe, forging some of the most original games you've ever played.

We don't just bring you a game, we bring you a whole new experience.




Our community -- gamers -- will always know where we're at, and where we're going. We're always available to converse with the community, through our Discord chat, Twitter, Youtube channel, or even the ancient system of email. If you want to chat with us about our games, have a question, or just want to say hello, you can. Always.



When we falter, as all people do, we own that, and we learn from it. We don't run, and we always speak the truth. The community always knows where we stand on our projects through development roadmaps and constant communication.



These are the little touches that make you smile, immerse you in the games you're playing, and show you the passion behind our work. We give things the details they deserve, and time they need to grow, evolve, and flourish.


Working part-time and full-time from all over the world, these are the core team members who drive things forward and tackle our projects from the front lines.
Some new or part-time team members may not be present on this page. We'll try our best to keep this up to date for you.

Geoff "Zag" Keene

CEO, Design Director

Geoff founded Sandswept shortly after his 17th birthday and often regards it as a huge mistake, followed by some mumblings about Whale Biology. Responsible for the majority of design, writing, stick figure art, and whip-cracking, Geoff carries the overall vision of Sandswept and its games upon his broad, yet moisturized shoulders. Rumor has it betwen doing dev vlogs, he's sometimes spotted doing actual work, often in UE4 blueprints.

Richard "Thunderfist" Keene

CTO, First Science Officer

Richard is one of a kind. No, seriously. They stopped making this brand about five decades ago. Richard has worked over 40 years in just about every dark (and light) corner of the software industry and says very mathematically complex things from time to time.

Grant Murphy

Animation Lead, Wearer of Beards

Grant is a cheerful, bearded fellow in charge of ensuring Geoff doesn't break anything when it comes to skeletal animation and rigging. If it moves, Grant probably looked at it, poked it, or even prodded -- at least once.

Parker Hamblin

Transient Inter-Dimensional Spacewalker Concept Artist

Parker has a bachelor's degree in art of the fine sort, and as a bachelor, he does very fine art. He also watches anime, plays games, and is a fan of movies we watched back when we were like, 12 years old. He also holds a lot of pencils. Expensive pencils. He's also the creator of a webcomic called Brujagh.

Jenny "HackerGirl" Pina

Husky Tamer, Calming Presence

Jenny is an internet multi-tasker with quite a few tricks up her sleeve. She's a graphic designer, moderator, charity organizer, and zombie expert! She thrives on building strong connections with the communities she's in, whether online or in person.

Chaoss Pierce

Maker of Things, Explorer of London

Chaoss began his career in game development through the creation of Quake 1 maps back in 1998 and has been professionally creating virtual worlds since 2003. He has an unhealthy obsession with VR, a healthy obsession with vodka, as well as a lust for exploring abandoned architecture.

Dane Petersen

Character Artist, Handsome Individual

Dane was born and raised in the ever-exciting ... Kansas. He's always loved fantasy and fiction and got into games at a young age. With a love of art, mostly self-taught skills, and a burning desire to not work in fast food or accounting, Dane creates and sculpts characters, bringing them to life, so you can kill them.

Atle Hillmann

Part-Time Animator, Full-Time Norwegian

Animation at its finest. Or at its most Norwegian? We always confuse the two.

Chris Howell

Community Guy, Possible Zombie

Chris is a guy who does some stuff around here, but we're not really sure what. Still, he seemed important enough to put on this page, even if he doesn't have a picture yet.

Or maybe that IS a picture of him? There's really no way to know.


Got Talent? Charisma? Spare Action Points?

Sandswept Studios is committed to bringing gamers the best of the best, with a team of dedicated, creative individuals who do what they love and love what they do. Think you've got a spot on our team and a place in the glorious halls of game development history?

Prove it. Send us your portfolio, resume (CV), and your best work.

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